Saturday 10 October 2009

Life In Technicolor

The Conference is going really well –but I was obviously more tired than I thought, as last night’s pictures are all out of focus! King’s Park Centre is a great venue, our speaker Jonathan has been great, and Val our President has led things brilliantly.

Technical stuff all OK after an initial glitch [a multiway socket was malfunctioning – but it wasn’t one of mine, and it took a while to identify that as the cause of the fault] Our Evening Session was a thought provoking Question Time with 2 Pastors and 2 spouses then we had ‘After Hours’ which involved a chocolate fountain with dips.

DSCF0663 Messy, and not good for the waistline, but great fun.The bedrooms are ‘well apppointed’ as they say and the showers work well.

A late night phonecall to Bob was great – apparently the Michael Card concert went exceedingly well.

Now I shall go to the area with WiFi and try to post this before breakfast.


  1. I always think of Dawn French when chocolate fountains are mentioned..hope you didnt get too deep in!
    So glad it is all going well.

  2. It's nice to hear from you! Chocolate fountains sound heavenly!


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