Friday 9 October 2009

A Pair of Headless Chickens!

 headless-chicken headless-chicken








My good friend Dulce Domum has commented on my recent Victoriana post that life [and laundry] in those days would have left her a gibbering wreck. Not sure about that - but in this house today we definitely have two headless chickens. Bob is wrestling with a very recalcitrant computer printer whilst fielding calls from people who have only just decided to buy tickets for tonight's Michael Card concert, and I am trying to remember all the stuff I am supposed to be taking to my Connexion Conference this afternoon - and sadly having to turn down last minute supply teaching work for today!

I have made a list - and checked it at least twice - but I am sure I have missed something out [clothes?]. Still, I am encouraged to note that I wrote "Bible" down in two separate places. My soul will be on track even if I have no clean underwear!

Not sure what opportunities I will have to blog again before Monday - but taking a camera and laptop with me anyway. Really glad to have the chance to catch up with my mates, and especially grateful for company on the journey [my friend Elisabeth] E & I will chat non-stop about the vital issues of life [children, church, Connexion and the Archers!]

Have a good weekend everybody!


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