Wednesday 17 March 2010

At Your Own Convenience!

I was teaching my literacy session with two year 5 boys, and we were trying to make sentences more interesting. One turned "He went to the shop" to "The small boy strolled slowly down the road to the convenience store to buy some sweets"

loo His friend said "Why sweets? shouldn't a convenience store sell conveniences?" I pointed out that Public Conveniences were Toilets, and not likely to be sold at a little shop in the village. They were greatly amused by this thought.


We continued to improve on our dull sentences. One of the boys decided to use the word diarrhoea. Then burst into a silly little ditty about it.

"No!" I said firmly "you cannot use that word in my lessons unless you can spell it"

Poor child, brought up on a diet of phonics, spelled out

Der - Eye -Aa - Ree- Yer, and therefore wrote down D-I-A-R-Y

His friend leaned over, and said "Err, isn't that diary?"




What would Samuel Pepys make of that?

Trying not to giggle, I changed the subject, and got them to look at their homework instead!


btw, did you notice that Charmin has been renamed Cushelle? [both names seem equally daft to me] I refuse to use it anyway, because of their policy of destroying rainforest in Brazil to make this super-soft loo paper from eucalyptus pulp [see here].

There's nothing wrong with the recycled stuff!

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