Monday 29 March 2010

Best Foot Forward

My replacement camera from Fuji has just been delivered [thanks to our friend Jaz, the wonderful CityLink Courier!]

So I took a picture of the first thing that came to hand - well actually, to feet


I have just changed the laces in these trainers for 'Cut The Carbon ones. The limited edition 'Cut the Carbon' shoelaces are the first to hold a Fairtrade Mark. They were made by Fair Deal out of organic cotton from Egypt, but were manufactured in the UK.


The shoelaces were produced to support the charities' Cut the Carbon march, the longest ever protest walk which ran in Autumn 2009. Christian Aid launched a petition calling for the UK Government to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050 to prevent millions of people in the developing world from suffering.

 airwalk logo 2 The shoes are ancient ones, which Liz left behind when she was at Uni I think  - so I must have had them for at least eight years.

But I was wearing them in school a couple of weeks ago and a boy said "Airwalk! they are really cool, Miss!"

I didn't realise I was so fashionable.

Despite their great age, these shoes are still very comfortable, and just the thing to wear with jeans when I am relaxing on my Day Off!

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