Thursday 11 March 2010

Jammy Dodger!

I have recently started reading a blog by Sarah in NZ

called Red Gingham. Sarah is inordinately fond of that fabric, and produces some lovely crafts.

Recently she offered some of her creativity in a giveaway, and I was fortunate enough to win.

The Air Mail envelope arrived today - having travelled halfway round the world [I still find that an exciting concept!]


Inside, a pretty parcel - predictably tied with red gingham ribbon


And I unpacked this trio of treasures


Three cute little jam-jar skirts


Here is one adorning a jar of my home-made marmalade.


I dressed up three jars from the cupboard - but here is the much better photo which I lifted from Sarah's blog!

sarahs jars

I've never seen little skirts like this before- when I have made jam/marmalade as gifts, I have usually made a 'mob-cap' of fabric. But this is a very pretty way to dress up one's conserves, preserves and tracklements, don't you think?

Thank you Sarah, for your lovely gift!


  1. What a lovely gift they really look so "different" enjoy the marmalade!!!!

  2. Well done Ang! It is lovely to win a giveaway, especially one as pretty as that. You have now got the best dressed jamjars!

  3. I'm glad they fit your little models so well! I have to say that your gingham lid looks rather lovely with the matching skirt. A very co-ordinated jam wouldn't you say?!

  4. These are adorable!!! I have a dear friend who, every fall, processes a mountain of fruit (ok I exaggerate!) into wonderful jams to sell with the rest of her crafts. I'm going to share this idea with her!!

  5. Jam jar skirts! Great idea! I may have to make some, but I'll have to adorn store bought jam jars. Sad, huh?


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