Wednesday 17 March 2010


Sometimes I think I should learn to keep my head down and just quietly get on with life! Today I was in one school a.m. and another p.m. - so at midday, I drove from one site to the other, and arrived in school #2 for lunch. As I entered the staffroom, someone said "Now this is the person who will help you" - and indicated me.

It appears that one of the young Teaching Assistants is going to a Fancy Dress Event on Friday Night. She ordered a costume for £10 from eBay, advertised as size 32-34. She thought that was the bust size [she's very slim] but in fact that was the dress size! Consequently she has a dress measuring 64" round the bust - that's TWICE her measurement!!  [BTW, did you know Queen Victoria measured 64" round the bust? Not that she ever went to Fancy Dress Parties...]

There is obviously not time to return this outfit for a smaller size- so could I possibly take it in [by 50%] to make it fit? So I called round to her home after school, and with much giggling and pinning up, we think we have got it re-sized.

All I have to do now is sew the thing on the overlocker.

The party is an Army/Uniform themed event. Here is the outfit...


For the record

  1. I don't mind Fancy Dress- but you would never catch me in an outfit like this
  2. The Army cap supplied is huge too, and I will have to modify that to fit my friends smaller head.
  3. Yes, my friend has the boots, fishnet tights, and plastic gun
  4. At her request, I am adjusting it to have a higher neckline and longer skirt!
  5. The thought of a woman with 64" bust and 68"hips wearing this outfit is too horrific to contemplate
  6. Actually, confronted by a female of such dimensions in an outfit like this, I imagine the enemy would surrender immediately.

I am pleased that this colleague felt she could ask me to use my sewing skills to help out - but I must remember to move the packet [currently on display in the hall, next to my school bag] before anybody comes to visit the Pastor, and gets entirely the wrong idea about me!


  1. Shock and Awe, indeed, to find a soldier of those proportions!

    You are a good egg, Angela!

  2. This sounds very funny, Angela. I'm sure that you could actually make two new outfits with the amount of material you have there - if you want to, that is!

  3. This being off Internet addictions for Lent is no good! I haven't time to read everything you've posted since I was last doing my evening Library stint- but I am already fascinated by milk jugs and Montessori-like God stuff. And a pile of dishes waiting! All I really wanted to say was- this outfit is JUST what I would have needed to survive a day at my school today!

  4. Wow, what a job! Hope she has a fun time at the party! So thoughtful of you to help!

  5. I love what Floss said. I wish I'd said it. You were kind to help this woman instead of wondering out loud if there weren't better uses of her time than going to parties that called for such outfits..



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