Thursday 25 March 2010

Pretty in Pink

This is my bag which came from a World Conference in Birmingham five years ago. I was the UK coordinator for this event, and spent about three years in preparation for it. So the bag represents much hard work and many happy memories.


It is a Freeset bag - their website explains " each Freeset Bag tells a story of one woman's journey to freedom. She used to stand with 6,000 other prostitutes in a small but well known area of North Calcutta. She didn't choose her profession; it chose her. Poverty does that. It robs people of their dignity and children of their innocence.

She still lives in the same area, but instead of selling her body she makes Freeset Bags. Now she has choices, the choice to work decent hours for decent pay, to re-establish her dignity in her community and to learn to read and write. Now her daughter won't have to stand in the street selling her body like her mother used to. Freedom has been passed on to the next generation."


We felt it was important that for our women's conference we used bags made by other women.

However the straps were beginning to fray badly, and the bottom corners were wearing through too.


I happened to have some pink trim in The Great Stash


So I bound the straps and reinforced the tatty corners


Now doesn't that look better!


  1. I think it looks great, by the way the boys adore their letter and they are getting to know bits off by heart, which is lovely and Maxi's class have been asked to do the Easter assembly.

    Thank you ever so much

  2. Glad the boys like the letter! Good to know Floss is starting an Explaining Easter series on Sunday!
    blessings xx

  3. Definitely eye-catching! You are very clever!

  4. The bag looks great. What a sad story about the makers of these bags. We are truly blessed, aren't we, that we have been raised with different options.

  5. Very much better....quite girly now!

  6. what a great idea. Very funky!

  7. I love the bag, I love your blog, I love coming back to inspirational things after days and days of bounding boys!


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