Tuesday 9 March 2010

The Pastry Of Beelzebub!

Recently we took all our accumulated book tokens and bought this

econgastro I had watched the TV series last summer and thought some of it was good, but I'd not read the book till last month.

Liz had it from the library the weekend I was staying with her, and I read it from cover to cover. I thought it was actually heaps better than the series.

I have done a number of the recipes thus far. Mostly very good.

I had a chicken and some puff pastry ion the freezer, so it made sense to do the chicken pie. Two smaller ones made more sense than one large, so I divided the pastry, roller it out, and topped the pies. In a fanciful moment, I cut hearts from the trimmings, put them on top, and cut some slits to let out the steam. And I cooked the pies.

The first was fine - but the second...

The slits somehow closed up, the pastry top rose alarmingly, and the little hearts stood up on end like devilish horns


"It looks positively demonic! Take a photo for the blog!" said Bob. He is right, if you stare at it carefully, you can see it definitely has a Sinister Expression.

[btw "Beelzebub" is an old name for the devil, and means "Lord of the Pies Flies"]


  1. So from now on will it be known as a Beelzebub pie? It looks delicious anyway!

  2. that made me laugh. Bob sounds like ROger - pointing out the good shots for the blog :)

    Hope it tasted good.

  3. That's the scariest looking pie I've ever seen!



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