Saturday 20 March 2010

Blooming Bargains!

My little M&S tin was rather full of coupons - including a £2 Tesco Voucher, a £4 coupon against any Unilever products, a Comfort voucher, an Ariel voucher[to be used in Tesco's] and a Twinings voucher. So I went off to Tesco's and spent them. Felt extremely thrifty when I got all this for just £1.72


But I think the girls on the checkouts must work in some sort of stupor [I probably would if I was in Tesco's all day] I was in the '10 items or less' queue [FEWER! mutters my pedantic spouse] with just 8 items [Bob's torch not shown in picture above] And the lady rang up my purchases, and I handed over my coupons, and she said "Did you buy any of these products?" I nearly said "Apart from the torch, I didn't buy anything but these items" - but I just patiently unpacked the bag and showed her each thing.

I know Steph thinks I am irrationally prejudiced against that shop [yes dear, I am] but honestly, my shopping experience today wasn't brilliant. After my hassle with paying extra postage on an overlarge Christmas card [here] I was interested to see a Staff Member [with a special badge] sorting out the Charity Cards display. "Excuse me" I said "Why are so many of Tesco's Charity Cards so large?" "Is that a problem?" she replied.


I explained that the majority of the cards on her display would not go through the post with an ordinary 1st or 2nd class stamp, but counted as 'large letters' - so if the person posting them put an ordinary stamp on, then the recipient had to pay extra postage. "I don't think you are right" she said "You only pay extra if it is too big to go through your letterbox" I couldn't be bothered to argue. But Tesco's staff who are specially designated to deal with cards ought to know the rules, surely?

Home again, for a strong cup of coffee, and then on to arranging flowers. At next week's wedding, the bride's colours are ivory and chocolate - so she wanted flowers in that colour. She knew they would have to be silk ones. From my point of view, that was useful, as I have been able to source them over a matter of weeks, until I had a bucket full


First I assembled the basics


Then I prepared the pew ends, pegging them onto a cord strung across the conservatory as I worked. Here they are, half-done...



Then I did the main arrangement


I shall take more photos when they are in place at church next Saturday . For Lee and Shayla's sake, I hope they have a dry and sunny day - it has been raining most of the day today]

These flowers came from the stall on Leicester market and also Wilkinsons. And Flowercraft of Cank Street Leicester were extremely helpful in supplying the chocolate coloured ribbon.

Bob has been working incredibly hard on preparing a banner for "Awakenings" - our special Easter Sunday event [recycling the banner we used for the Christmas Panto] Another thing to take a picture of once it is displayed at church. He's kindly lent me his camera for blog-pix until Fuji returns mine!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway before tomorrow [click here]

jug it milk

Full marks to John at Jug-It, who replied very promptly to my enquiry - yes, the Sainsbury's nearest to Cornerstones stocks milk-bags, as do a number of their other Norfolk branches!

I am getting on very well with it, so have picked up another jug [while still 50p] to use there.

Oh, and I heard that Dawn's costume apparently fitted her well, and looked amazing - I left it in the School Office for her yesterday, and she later tried it on and paraded round the staffroom in it. Wish I had been there to see that!!!


  1. Your flowers look lovely, they are very different colours from the usual bridal ones, arent they?
    What bargains! We just dont have that sort of 'coupon' availability here, sadly.

  2. Here in Canada we have lots of coupons. Lately there is an increase in fast food restaurant bargain coupons! Love your flowers decorations! ---- I can certainly relate to your story about the senior who didn't want the communion wafer! Just happened to me last month! We had just recently changed from cube of bread to the wafer, because the bread can cause choking in some of our folks!

    Have a happy Sunday!

  3. Hello Angela!

    You did a lovely job with the flowers!! So pretty.


  4. Hello Angela!

    Your Comfort looks almost exactly like the American Downy fabric softener. Is it similar?

    Thanks so much for stopping by His Unfinished Work. I so enjoy new visitors, especially those from other countries!

  5. Elizabethd - I think the UK is going the same way as the UK regarding cupons, we seem to get more and more of them.
    Karin - at the Care Homes,we practice 'intincture' where the server dips the wafer into the wine and just puts that on the recipients tongue, as many cannot manage the cup.
    Tracy - thanks for comment
    Chris- I think Comfort is a Unilever product and Downy is Procter and Gamble. But they are basically the same stuff!!
    Happy Sunday everyone


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