Monday 29 March 2010

There In A Jiffy!

I spent some time getting lots of parcels ready for posting this morning. Fortunately we seem to have a load of jiffy bags which are so useful for this purpose.

First up was Gilly's Purple Parcel and Elizabeth's giveaway prize.


I had some other parcels to wrap too, and my Easter cards.


Quite a heap when it came to it. And I used the last of my Christmas stamps on the Easter cards!

Now this little lot is winging its way to India, and Peru [and Yorkshire, Cheshire , Suffolk, Surrey, Essex and Warwickshire]

In the Post Office they warned us the Peruvian one could 'take up to three months' - but we said we didn't mind, and anyway, the last one had only been a couple of weeks in arriving.

The internet, emails, and mobile phones are great for keeping in touch - but nothing quite compares with our smiling postlady coming to the door with a letter or a parcel!


  1. I too have a large pile to go to the post office, but it is raining, tomorrow maybe

  2. Sending things over oceans is an act of true love. When I receive something from far away, I rejoice.

  3. three months?? wow.

    Post that isn't a bill is one of my favourite things in all the world! Your friends and family will be very happy with their parcels!


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