Sunday 28 March 2010

Explaining Easter #2

Jesus and Little Children [FLOSS] I did my first post on this topic yesterday [here]

And Floss has begun her series [here]

Today I am sharing a very simple idea - Bob did this with the local Beaver Pack one evening last week.

The 'props' are readily available!



What do we think of at Easter?  - eggs!

Here is one [from a Poundshop]





The things inside this egg can help to tell the story of the first Easter.

Bob just had six items as his time with the boys was quite limited





  • dice - to remind us the soldiers gambled over Jesus' robe
  • a nail - they nailed Jesus to the cross
  • a cross - where he was crucified
  • a stone - to remind us of the big stone in front of the tomb
  • an egg and a chick - symbolising new life
  • and the empty egg shells- because the tomb was empty!

You can use more or fewer items depending on how much detail of the detail of the story you want to tell [and how much you can fit in your egg!] For example, you could also include

  • A piece of greenery [a sprig of cypress/cupressus works well for 'real' small-scale stuff, or use some artificial silk leaves] can represent the palm branches
  • A tiny goblet - [from a doll's house set or made of silver foil] for the last supper
  • A small silver coin or sequin for the 30 pieces of silver
  • A length of knotted thread for the whip
  • A scrap of purple cloth can represent the robe
  • A small silk flower [the tomb was in a garden]

In our Sunday School today, the children are assembling these, [but we're omitting stones and nails for the tiny children] and making the crosses from cut-up pipecleaners. We are threading a Hama bead on each 'arm' of the cross, and including this slip in each egg.


This is a good one to do with children aged 5-10, I find. They love the idea of all those miniature things coming out of the egg - and when you lay the objects in a line, they enjoy trying to remember what each item symbolises. [You can often get tiny dice in bead shops or craft shops]


  1. Oh I guess we are on the same wavelength, someone else commented on last Sunds post about resurection eggs and I have been and got a small packet for us to do this week!

  2. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing it. I also love the story from yesterday, I will be passing on the link to those I know who have young children. We had a really good palm Sunday service this morning, lots of drama and singing which is usual for my chruch. Praying that your Sunday school class learn a lot from their eggs.

  3. Ah ha, After I wrote a comment on your earlier story, I discovered this. It's so fun to discover another fan of the Resurrection Easter Eggs. My grandchildren and I have enjoyed them for years and they never get tired of looking for them OR hearing/helping retell the wonderful story of Jesus Christ, His death, and His awesome Resurrection! :)

  4. I am following you and Floss with great care this week! All my creative ideas have dissipated over lent, as the inspiration has become mired in busi-ness- and too much Internet, hmmm- so all sparks for strawberries are well received. Prince Charming has been encouraging us to be story keepers recently- after the DVD series, so I mulling that over. He's also responsible for the last half hour of our three hour open church meditation on Good Friday, and we're aiming at a time for kids and families- theme of Jesus being brave on Good Friday. So ideas rifling will be rife!


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