Wednesday 31 March 2010


I occasionally wonder why a peace loving, non-violent girl like myself gets so much enjoyment from detective novels and TV shows. I think it is to do with the psychology and unravelling of plots. From Sherlock Holmes via Wimsey, Poirot, Morse, Rebus and co via all those 'religious' sleuths [check them out here] I do like to curl up with a cup of tea and a book describing a good murder!

ncis But I also enjoy TV detective programmes, especially some of the American ones. NCIS is great - it has a superb cast, and I have liked Mark Harmon for years [I first noticed him in Moonlighting, then he was in Chicago Hope and West Wing] and of course, David McCallum has been a favourite since the early 1960s and 'The Man From Uncle' [then he was in 'Colditz' and 'Sapphire and Steel'] For a man of 77, he wears pretty well!

csi And Bob and I both like CSI [the original Vegas, plus the spinoffs set in Miami and New York]

However we do occasionally find the plotlines a little far-fetched and the things they manage to do with technology just a tad over-the-top.

The other week we were watching one episode, and Bob declared "I have seen the Mythbusters programme based on this very same accidental-death-scenario"

I was greatly amused therefore, to come across these two items recently. Sorry - if you do not watch CSI, these will mean nothing to you. if you are a fan, I hope they make you smile too!

First up, a pie-chart

csi pichart

And then a story-board

csi story

I really shouldn't do these Internet quizzes though - in 'which NCIS character are you?' I came out as Abby.

ncis abby 

Yeah, right, me, a Goth with a tattoo on her neck? [but I have got the biker boots, and a fondness for computer geeks]


  1. Ah, I love a good detective novel - just got the new Stephen Booth - "Lost River", can't put it down! (well, I have to, sometimes)

  2. I like Abby- she's the coward's Girl with a Dragon Tatoo which had me traumatised and further confident that this is not my genre at all! I do like NCIS above the others! Did you read The Name of the Rose? Now that's historical, religious detection, and one of my top ten!

  3. David Mc Callum in the Man from Uncle you are showing your age lol!!!!!!! I have to say I'm more of a Poirot & Miss Marple type of detective!!!!

  4. Lol I love CSI, didn't mention Criminal Minds? That's great too. Of course including, Frost, Morse, Lewis, Midsommer Murders (who'd live there?), Waking the Dead...I could probably think up more.

    Love the storyboard...the sunglasses of justice strike again!

  5. Love NCIS, infact watched the Los Angeles one this evening. Hettie is just like the little woman off The Incredibles. I love CSI, Criminal minds, oh most US detective shows,

    I can not do CSI Miami, they should just rename it the Horatio Cane show!


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