Monday 8 March 2010

Window Dressing

One thing we wanted to do after our lounge windows were replaced was change the curtains.

We had originally had hung a pair of full length curtains across the front of the bay, using the corded track already there.

DSCF1145 They were a heavy dark blue textured fabric, which went well with the walls and the sofas.

I had made them with fabric from Dunelm [our local fabric shop] and each was 1½ widths of fabric.[Sorry, its a bad picture!]

I didn't really want to spend a lot of money on new ones. But the design on the fabric looked as if it work equally well horizontally as well as vertically. So I unpicked the seams, and washed the four pieces. Then I re-hemmed the two narrow strips. I took the curtain tape off the wide strips, turned them sideways, and put new tape along the top.

Bob put up a length of track inside the bay, and we re-hung everything this afternoon.

 DSCF1248 Now we can see the coffee table when the curtains are closed at night - and more importantly, the warmth of the radiator can be felt properly!

The long strips frame the arch neatly, and cover the ends of the  track in the bay.


Also it meant we could leave up the original track and not have a wall full of holes!

We also changed the window in the downstairs loo - but I forgot to photograph that earlier, and it is dark now. That will have to wait!

Above you can see Bob relaxing in front of the TV. A rare treat!

I'm so pleased to have new curtains for the price of a few metres of Rufflette too.


When we went out to B&Q for screws this afternoon, we noticed a new stored being fitted out close by.

We were both quite excited about this - there is a branch of The Range just outside Norwich, not too far from Cornerstones, and it is quite a fun store to wander round [good stuff, reasonable prices] It will be good to have one in Leicester.


  1. They do nice craft bits and pieces in the Range....

  2. You're so creative! Looks great and cozy!


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