Friday 5 March 2010

Women At Worship

wwdp It is the Women's World Day of Prayer today. Our service has been prepared by the Women of the Cameroons.

That word caused confusion for me as a child, as I got that place muddled up with Macaroons [which in the UK are cakes made with desiccated coconut - not the meringue-y French fancies]

english macaroons french macaroons

Enough about cakes...

Our theme this year is "Let Everything That Has Breath Praise God"

We always end with the hymn "The Day Thou Gavest, Lord is Ended " and that verse about "the sun that bids us rest, is waking our friends beneath the western sky" - and that reminds me of so many of my blog-friends round the world - Frances, Karin, PomPom, Amazing Grace, Vivien and Sparrow-on-PEI, all 'across the pond' - and ElizabethT in India - and all the European friends - esp. Floss and ElizabethD in France - and Catriona in Scotland and all the others in the UK. [I am hopeless about timezones - I know ElizabethT is ahead and PomPom is behind, but cannot remember by how much!]

It is a very special day for me, and I really feel united with my Christian sisters all round the globe.

This year I have been to two services - the one in my own village, this afternoon, in our parish Church, where I was just a member of the congregation, and then tonight I was the guest speaker at a service in another village.

Both events went well. But I was extremely glad that I had put my  bikers thermal  underwear on beneath my smart trouser suit!

I do hope you are enjoying a good WWDP too!


  1. Thanks for the thoughts - India is 5 1/2 hours ahead of GMT! I didn't realise it was WWDP yesterday but we did have a great extended prayer time with the dorm girls last night and it was great.

  2. Hi Angela, I was wondering if you fancied a prize? Pop on over when you get a minute!

  3. So blessed that we are all children of our heavenly Father and united in His love - though oceans apart!


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