Friday 30 April 2010

Annoying Adverts

I have a question - is the woman in this advert...

...the same as the woman in this one...

- they seem very similar to me.

and is there anyone else out there who finds both adverts annoying?

The new John Lewis ad is very clever

It depicts a woman aging from babyhood to 70 years in 90 seconds. There is a lot of detail in it, and it is quite intriguing to watch.

But don't study it too closely or it will start to irritate you because of the little inconsistencies.

A woman who is 70 now will not have had a nylon play tunnel as a baby in the 1940's. Or a fibre tip pen on her desk when she was 10 - they were not invented till the 1960's. And the fashions aren't quite right either as the ad progresses. And she seems to have a laptop remarkably early too.

But I do like the Billy Joel song!


  1. And doesnt she look young for '70'!!

  2. I can't tell if it's the same woman or not in the first two ads, but they do definitely look alike.

    Probably because our ads are so dumb here, I don't find yours irritating at all! Maybe I just like the accents ...


  3. I'd not seen the John Lewis advert before. I do love the song.

    And yes those other two adverts are so annoying. It could well be the same woman in the two adverts, I'm not sure.

  4. I've just posted my two favourite adverts from the past.


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