Thursday 1 April 2010

That's Entropy, Man!*

Steph took us out to lunch, to Entropy in Leicester [website here]


I had some vouchers from The Times, so it only cost £5 each for the 2 course meal.

Bob had a starter - deep fried pork cheeks with grebiche [a mayonnaise and caper sauce]

We all had steak and smoked oyster pie for our 'main'

Then Steph had a frangipane tart and sorbet, and I had creme brulee with biscotti for dessert.

entropy 2

All very chef-y and beautifully cooked, excellently served. the atmosphere was pleasant - and generally enjoyable.

I would definitely give it a 5* recommendation

*Entropy is a measure of how organized or disorganized a system is. Th post title comes from the Flanders and Swann song "First and Second Laws of thermodynamics" I include the clip below for anyone who doesn't know the song, for any physics geeks, and any Star Wars fanatics who may be reading this. It has absolutely nothing to do with good food!


  1. Thanks for all your lovely posts! The CSI shows are a fav in our house too! - lovely flower thank you bouquet! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. mmmmmmm i love creme brulee. many thanks to you for your sweet comment on my blog. it is wet and rainy here too now (and all day tomorrow i'm told). guess that makes it even more important to create a little sunshine indoors.

    warmest Easter wishes to you too xxx


  3. I have to admit to not knowing the word.....but I'm glad you had a nice meal!


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