Monday 26 April 2010

Monday Musings

Off to the GP about my aching leg. Apparently the X-rays show no sign of arthritis, and he now thinks it may be a problem with the medial collateral ligament [so is that counted as 'collateral damage'?] plus the beginnings of Housemaid's Knee [don't be daft, I don't do that much housework!]

Then on to Sainsbury's to buy some flowers to arrange for tomorrow's funeral at church. Strange white van in car park...


Fish plastering? do the fishes do the plastering? How intriguing...

As I wandered into the store, pondering, I met two blue people


I do hope they pay them well for spending their day dressed like this. Nobody seemed to be buying their DVDs. [I saw the film in Norwich with Bob and Steph in December. They liked it. I didn't!]

Back to the church, where I saw a much more natural shade of blue


We are very fortunate in having a church member who tends the gardens beautifully


The tulips this spring have been brilliant. I love tulips, they are the true nonconformists of the flower world - not only for their Calvinistic tendencies, but also because you cannot arrange them in a vase because they always twist and turn and go their own way.

And the colours are stunning - especially the variegated ones


Flowers inside are crimson, gold and cream, in the colours of the LMS Railway Company, because John loved trains, and his family have asked for an arrangement in those shades


Home for lunch - some home-made soup from the freezer. I made this last week, with some chicken stock, some left over veg - and the remains of Bob's Children's talk from Church.

hippo pbaby food

heiz baby food

Bob is doing a sermon series on 'From Milk To Meat' - and did a taste test on foolhardy intrepid members of the congregation with various pots of pureed veg. Have you seen how much these jars cost ???? No way was I letting him throw away half a dozen jars with just a teaspoonful missing! It all went together to make a very satisfactory soup, enjoyed with hunks of crusty baguette.

Then into the city on the motorbike to go to the bank, pick up some stuff Bob needed for church, and buy an Ice Pack. The GP suggests that when I sit resting my knee in the evenings [!] I should put an ice pack on it.

But could I buy one anywhere? Not Boots, not Superdrug, not Sainsburys, not Wilkinsons.  I considered a pack of frozen peas, but I ended up in the Pound Shop, buying two of these




According to the packet, it brings

"fast relief from Boo Boos, Bumps and Bruises"

Presumably  'Boo Boo' is a euphemism for collateral damage!



So now this little princess is off to cook the tea and then rest her knee.


  1. Get well soon, Angela's knee! The French baby word for a bump is a 'bo-bo' and the Americans seem to use it too, pronounced differently, perhaps - there are lots of French influences on American English!

    Lovely tulips.

  2. Oh poor you. Frozen peas work quite well, or you could crush some ice up in a blender and put it in a bag whilst 'resting' (dont imagine you do much of that?)

  3. I love the hyacynths, they were in my wedding flowers and always remind me of happy times. Thanks for the letter for the boys, they loved it, as did me and MadDad.

    Hope the knee is OK and that the princess packs are helping!

  4. I know you wrote this quite a while ago but I just had an idea. We get through quite a lot of ice packs here - sprained ankles/knees/bruises/etc. and it is not something that is easy to buy in India either. If you happen to go back to that pound shop and they still have some could you get a couple for me? I am happy to repay you (and collect them) when I get back to Kirby in June.
    It would be a great way of knowing which ones belong to our dorm and would be much more fun that plain old boring ones!
    Don't worry though if you don't go back that way or can't get them, was just a thought I had.


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