Friday 9 April 2010

A Right Royal Day Out

At 9am we collected my best friend Chris, and drove to Sandringham


Not the house itself- the grounds, where there was a Craft Show taking place.

We had enormous fun! Loads to see and do, and Bob found lots of free samples in the food tent!

sandringham fair


We thought the idea of a ‘Lace Marquee’ was intriguing [wouldn’t the rain go through the holes?] but the marquee [regular canvas type] was full of jolly ladies willing to explain this intricate craft.

We didn’t see any ferret racing!

The Knitting Display ought to have been like the Red Arrows –rows of women casting off in formation, but it wasn’t! Just a lady claiming to have invented extreme knitting on needles like tentpoles.



The artisanal breads and interesting cheeses were amazing



…and the cider guy…


all sorts of puppets



…and of course, The Archers!


We were impressed by Margaret Burke’s brilliant glass blowing demonstration


We spent all morning at the fair, had lunch and wandered about some more – then left around 2pm. Bob pointed out we were very close to the place where our friend Geoff is Rector.

snettisham st mary

In a small village, it is not hard to find a church looking like this!

However, we did not have Geoff’s address with us. So we asked the people at the Old Rectory where the New Rectory was. They were extremely kind and gave us precise directions. They looked sort of familiar.

We soon found Geoff.

Over a cup of tea and a plate of HobNobs, we had fun catching up with each other’s news. We explained how we had found him. That was when Geoff said - “but you do know who they are, don’t you?”

We had only been asking directions from Sir Robert Fellowes [the former Private Secretary to the Queen] and his wife, Lady Jane [nee Spencer] – that is, the uncle and aunt of Prince William, [she is Princess Di’s sister] No wonder I thought I had seen them before.

Once I had recovered from the shock of hobnobbing with the royals, we drove on to the seaside [Hunstanton]and pottered along the prom


The three of us came back to Cornerstones and Bob cooked yet another great meal.

What a lovely day!

And tomorrow is my birthday [so, C., if Bob is an Old Man, I must be a Very Old Woman]


  1. Looks like you had a great time ~ Have a lovely birthday to-morrow Marie x

  2. Sounds like you had a royal good time! Blessings on your birthday tomorrow!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Angela!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Very old? "Not it" as my mother would say.
    Have a great day

  5. What a very royal day you had!
    Happy Birthday Ang!


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