Sunday 25 April 2010

Call Waiting!

marty cooper inventor of mobile phone

This guy is Marty Cooper, the genial, genius guy who is credited with inventing the mobile phone. I love my little Sony Ericsson phone

· I always carry it with me

· I go back for it if I have forgotten to put it in my bag

· I check it regularly through the day

· Sometimes there are unexpected text messages

· I usually ring home at least once during my day, talk to Bob and say “I love you”

· I don’t think I could manage without it

· I take it away with me when I travel

· It isn’t just for communication – there are other useful things, like a calculator and leisure activities on it

· It is terribly useful in emergencies

· Once my children were old enough, I made sure they had their own

· But I do have to pay the bill regularly

Here is a picture of my phone...


...and beside it, my Grandmother's tiny  New Testament [around 70 years old] Nana was born and died before the era of mobile phones - but she loved her little New Testament

· She always carried it with her

· She went back for it if she forgot to put it in her bag

· She checked it regularly throughout the day

· Sometimes there were unexpected text messages

· She read it at least once during the day, talk to God and say “I love you”

· She could not manage without it

· She take it away when she travelled

· It wasn’t just for communication – but other useful things, a guidebook to life, a source of recreation and comfort

· It was terribly useful in emergencies

· Once her children were old enough, she made sure they had their own

· The best thing was - she knew Jesus had already paid the bill!

[this is the talk I am giving in the Children's Slot at church this morning, based on idea from this blog. Thanks Renee for giving me permission to use it]


  1. May the Lord bless all the ears that hear this message today and may we change our lives in doing so. Be blessed this precious Lord's day!

  2. That is a lovely essage Ang, so clever of you to marry the two things.

  3. Love this!! On the other hand, as a manager of two large independent, but supportive housing, seniors manors, I carried a cell phone for 3 years! Was I ever glad to give it up when I retired and never having to be at everyone's instant beck and call again, lol!! I, too, have my dad's miniature New Testament - it's quite worn and probably as old as yours!


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