Wednesday 7 April 2010

Good Game!

Well, how else can you describe smoked pheasant? I had never eaten it before, but it is delicious. We got it here…

cley smokehouse2

The Cley Smokehouse sells an amazing range of stuff[website here]

We visited in the summer when the family were with us [it is one of Jon’s favourite Norfolk Food places] but it was shut!

After buying that, we went into Holt for a cup of tea – and some bread and salad, to make a light lunch. I was seriously distracted by the charity shops there, but resisted buying anything, apart from a picture. Well it was only £10 – and the frame was worth at least that!


It is a reproduction of a 1923 LNER poster – under the word “Cromer” it says “Where the poppies grow” – the railway from Holt to Cromer being originally known as “The Poppy Line”

Bob has hung the picture opposite our large London Underground Map. This room is definitely developing a transport theme.


And on the other side of the door is a framed copy of one of the “Love Poems On The Underground” which Bob gave me for an anniversary present years ago [it has been sadly languishing in a cupboard for ages!]


We came home for lunch [the aforementioned pheasant] and I have spent a happy afternoon sewing whilst he has been wrestling with the laptop.

Serendipitously [lovely word that!] we noticed that the poem and poster have matching frames.

Transport of delight!!!

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  1. Hiya - am catching up with your blog :)
    Sorry I missed your birthday but glad you had a lovely time. Love the "Close" poem - have written it out into Steve's birthday card :)


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