Wednesday 21 April 2010

Time On My Hands


I burned my left wrist slightly getting something out of the oven. Not a serious burn- but the presence of my watch strap seemed to be preventing the burn healing. So for the last couple of days, I have worn my watch on my right hand.

However, I have realised that this has resulted in even more bizarre behaviour on my part than usual.

When I want to check the time, I lift my arm and look at my left wrist [oops! no watch there, just a red mark] so then I lift my right arm and check.

But somehow I am leaving the left arm 'up' as well - so it looks like I am a member of the all Blacks performing a 'haka'!


[not that I make all the scary faces or strange noises like they do]


  1. Hi Ang
    Have you tried putting lavendar oil on the burn - I find it works wonders.

    Just a thought - do you remember the hand jive?!?!


  2. That would be scary!
    Have you tried Arnica on the burn? It helps so much. Hope it is better soon.

  3. Ouch, hope it heals soon! I'd probably do the same, lol!

  4. I hope your burn heals quickly. That can be painful.

  5. I'm sure your loved ones are enjoying the show!

    When I burn myself on the stove, I immediately apply yellow mustard (I heard a story about this on the radio). It takes the hurt away immediately. I have no idea why.

    Heal fast!


  6. hello!! Thank you for my blue parcel! I'm having one of the busiest weeks of my life so I apologise for the rudeness in being so late to thank you and let it know it arrived safely. George and I had lots of fun unwrapping it all. Thank you, Anna x x


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