Thursday 8 April 2010

Fun At Fakenham

Another bright sunny morning – washing done and pegged on the line. We set off to market, feeing very cheerful.

Time for a song…

This Old Man, he played one


He played knick-knack on my drum**


With a knick-knack




Give a dog a bone


This Old Man came rolling home!***


Questions for discussion

  1. When Floss and co go to market they seem to find all sorts of interesting stuff at knock down prices. These stalls just have old tat or extreme weirdness. Where am I going wrong?
  2. Am I being foolish in expecting the Norfolk Market Experience to be as exciting as Le Marche en France?
  3. What is ‘paddywhack’ anyway?

I did get a few bargains – four plain Pyrex casserole dishes and a lovely yellow jug for just one pound!


Here is the jug,holding a few sprigs of rosemary [Bob is cooking tonight when Adrian, Marion and Lucy come over-  and our neighbour donated the herbs from his garden!]

My responsibility is the dessert course. So I am offering a choice. I am taking the easy way out with a couple of purchased puds, and then I have made Iles Flottante

I’m celebrating the fact that I have actually made caramel successfully this time [I usually burn it due to impatience at the stove]


Iles Flottante

  • 3 eggs separated
  • 4ozs of caster sugar
  • 3/4 pint of milk
  • 3 tbsp sugar

Whisk the egg whites until standing in stiff peaks. Add 3 tablespoons of caster sugar and continue whisking until the mixture is firm and glossy.

Place the milk in a large saucepan and heat it till bubbles begin to rise to the surface, do not allow it to boil. Place tablespoons of the mixture into the milk and poach gently for 5 mins, turning once. Carefully remove the cooked egg whites from the milk with a slotted spoon and drain well on absorbent kitchen roll. When all the egg white has been cooked strain the milk.

Place the egg yolks in the top of a double saucepan over gently simmering water. Add the milk and beat lightly. Add the remaining sugar and cook. Pour the custard into a serving bowl and arrange the poached egg whites on top - chill before serving.

To make the caramel place 3 tablespoons of caster sugar in a small heavy saucepan. Heat it gently until the sugar is melted and golden. Pour caramel over the egg whites

**couldn’t find any drums to photograph, here is a horn instead

***this does not imply the Pastor was plastered, it is just the lyric!


  1. You've been watching masterchef! Iles flottante are a fiddle to make, well done.

  2. I looked up paddywack and it seems to be an animal ligament that joins the spine to a limb, or a term for beating up an Irishman. I think your paddywacks were the first kind. lol

  3. They look delicious well done you !!!

  4. Thank you - the iles flottantes were very successful.
    Not sure I would want to chew on a paddywhack though [thanks for the info, Sarah!]

  5. So, how does Pastor Bob feel about being referred to as 'this OLD man'?!

    Your floating islands look amazing.

    I'd give the paddywhacks a miss if I were you!!

  6. I'm with Sarah's second definition- when you grow up in Belfast in the '70s that song has a whole dark depth of possibility!


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