Wednesday 14 April 2010

Down The Decades

Last week I was reading someone's blog about How She Met Her Husband And Other Significant Life Events. Well, my birthday has come and gone, and it has left me Pondering on Stuff too. I have taken my number line, and counted back in 10s [teachers and primary school pupils may recognise that activity] to see where I was at various points in my life…

1960 – living in Hertfordshire, in a loving family. Just started school, already able to read and write. No little brother yet, so spent lots of time playing on my own. Favourite games involved lining up my dolls and playing “Lessons and Sermons” [Bob says that is just plain weird] Grandmother taught me to sew and to make dolls clothes.

remington portable

In this decade I discovered -- The Home Service/Radio 4, learned to ride a bike, became a Christian, and got baptised. Got my first typewriter [a 2nd hand Remington Portable - which I still possess]


gb 1970 – living in Norfolk. Working towards ‘O’ levels. Training as a Young Leader in Girls’ Brigade and doing all sorts of church activities [nothing else to do in our town apart from Young Farmers – and I didn’t like alcohol!!!] Main craft activity- dressmaking. Especially mini and maxi skirts for self and friends.




In this decade I discovered -- boyfriends, computers

- and got a husband



1980 – living in Hertfordshire. Working full-time as a teacher [degree, PGCE, GB Officership all under my belt] Newlywed to tall slim guy who had felt called to Ministry. Involved in Sunday School and Ladies Group. Saving every penny we could to pay for theological college. Sewing lots of ‘house’ stuff [curtains, duvet covers, car seat covers] Had a book published.

In this decade I discovered -- that ministry, marriage and motherhood are all great fun – and all very hard work!!

wedding 1979 1990 – living in Kent. Bob pastoring small church. Just returned to part time supply work, as daughters both at school and money incredibly tight. Doing Ladies Meetings, Girls’ Brigade, Discipleship Group…and on the National Exec of the Fellowship for Baptist Ministers’ and Missionaries Wives. Sewing clothes for children, doing machine knitting, and cross stitch. In fact, Bob seemed to be out almost every evening at a meeting and I was in alone [with the children in bed, and craft stuff all over the table]

In this decade I discovered -- that I cannot do everything on my to-do list. So ironing and housework were frequently allocated ‘low priority’. And that children will grow up to be the people they want to be, not clones of their parents. And I discovered grey hairs [and L’Oreal] [nb the grey hairs are not necessarily connected with trials of parenthood]


2000 – living in Leicestershire. Liz doing A` levels, Steph doing GCSEs. Still doing supply teaching for a day or two each week. Involved in Church life locally, nationally, and now internationally, working in spare time [??] to prepare and co-ordinate the 2005 Baptist World Alliance Women’s Leadership Conference. Also Secretary of Connexion [please can I have that on my tombstone?  “Ang came up with a better name for BMMWF”] Still sewing – but now with an overlocker as well as a regular machine.

IMG_2210 In this decade I discovered --air travel for the first time [don’t enjoy it!] pillion riding behind husband [love it!] and blogging.

Blogging is wonderful, and I am thrilled to have found so many new friends.

And I have two beautiful, bright, brilliant girls who call me Mum. And then WHAM! [We Have A Mortgage] Cornerstones...

DSCF0786 2010 – still in our little Leicestershire village, Bob still pastoring the same lovely church. Girls grown up and working in London. Still teaching a day or two each week. Still involved in church life – especially enjoying more opportunities for preaching [and still involved in Connexion]. Still sewing [now I have an embroidery machine too!] - particularly costumes for school plays. And still in a state of mild disbelief that I now have a mortgage and somewhere to live in retirement. And Cornerstones is an utterly lovely property!

So what next? In 1965 I don’t think anyone could have predicted any of the above – I suppose ‘Lessons and Sermons’ has set the pattern for my life – I am still teaching and preaching. And still sewing. And still reading and writing lots - and still in a loving family.

Bob quoted Psalm 16 to me on Saturday evening, as we drove down a beautiful country lane in the evening sunset, from our little bungalow to my brother’s home a few miles away

“The Lines Have Fallen in Pleasant Places”

I couldn't agree more.


  1. What a lovely timeline Ang, thank you. Mine would be longer!

  2. I really enjoyed learning more about you and yours

  3. I'm flying through your latest posts but must come back with real time for real consideration- but want to quickly profess deep gratitude to GB for the formative wonderfulness that it was for me- and boundaries falling in pleasant places is the verse on the back of a singing Prince Charming photo that I keep in my Bible!


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