Monday 5 April 2010

Easter Holiday

Celebrating new life – in this case, twins…DSCF0001 

…the wife of the Assistant Minister at Steph’s church has just had babies. Steph wanted a couple of bibs to take back. So the machine came out briefly.

Then in the evening – Awakenings


Sorry, not a brilliant picture. I was on coffee duty and not in a position to take photos earlier when they were setting up. The team from Hucknall Baptist church [av age 14 years] gave us a wonderful portrayal of the Easter Story from the point of view of one of the Roman guards. A full church, lots of visitors, all very well done – but by the time we got home Sunday night we were exhausted!!

Restoration… this morning we took Steph to the 9.25am train then drove on to Cornerstones- both feeling that amazing sense of exhaustion you get when you have been utterly busy and then suddenly it all stops. Thrilled to be here for a week’s holiday.

After lunch, recreation. Bob finally got round to making up the Ezekiel bread mix he purchased a while ago.DSCF1090


And renewal –you remember the jute bag I mended with pink binding? Well I was also given some blue binding as well


And the lovely bag that Steph brought me back from her Unicef trip to Malawi a couple of years ago was getting really frayed round the handles. So I sat on the sofa watching an ancient b&w Margaret Rutherford film carefully mending this bag to make it usable again.



And Bob finished kneading the dough, and cooked his bread

….risen indeed!



  1. Wishing you both a truly lovely week, Angela - you both work so hard and desrve lots of happy retful days at your "love nest"!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have a peaceful and relaxing week at your lovely home.


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