Monday 12 April 2010

Hearts And Flowers

Last month, as I said, I went to the Hobbycraft exhibition at the NEC [here]  I bought some craft punches.  I stuck them in my bag last weekend in the hope that once we were relaxing at Cornerstones, I might have a chance to play with them. And I have!

Here are the four punches I got

A butterfly and a heart


A flower punch


And a Celtic cross-type design


As you will see, the latter [smaller] pair came with interchangeable plastic clip-on guides, to be used when either punching corners, or punching along an edge.


The edge design works beautifully. In a magazine I found a page of ‘parchment’ type paper [part of an advert for Ariel] and used that to punch a load of butterflies


Then combining them with the flower punch I made a card – folding and curling the wings and just sticking the ‘body’ so the card was more 3-dimensional.


Daphne across the road is 100 next week so that’s her card sorted. [Longevity appears to be a quality of the Cornerstones neighbourhood, which is an encouraging sign!] I used the heart to punch a simple gift tag for her plant.

I made Marion a similar birthday card.

Fiona had suggested that a row punched with the celtic design could be threaded with ribbon – and she is right


This was just experimenting – but I am sure I shall get some more good cards with this technique.

[btw the cards were a pack of 48 for £1.99 - 12 each blue, lilac, pink, lemon -with matching coloured envelopes - which I got in The Range.  Bargain!]

Very simple – but so effective.


  1. I've often wondered where designs like that came from. they look super . I'm sure your friend will be delighted to receive the card, so much nicer than a bought one.

  2. Cute! Thank you for sharing. You really should extend your birthday a bit - have a cupcake today!

  3. Thanks for the compliments - PP, I am having a really Ex-ten-ded Birthday because we got home this afternoon and there were a dozen cards on the doormat waiting to be opened - and a message from daughters telling me their present is still on its way!!
    I feel truly spoiled rotten.

  4. Very lovely designs! Can't believe that folks used to do that with just a small scissor. Great little inventions! Happy belated birthday! Have an awesome year!

  5. Strawberries most approving of the Celtic crosses!

  6. Can you please tell me who makes the Butterfly Punch?

    1. Tammy I THINK mine is a woodcraft, but you can buy similar ones in The Range, and Amazon also sell one like it from both Martha Stewart and X -craft. It WAS 3 years ago, and I paid about £7 for mine, but have used it a great deal and feel I got my money's worth.


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