Saturday 10 April 2010

Bonne Anniversaire/Bon Appetit!

Thus far having a wonderful birthday – thank you to all those friends who have sent kind wishes. Just two gifts thus far – some lovely toiletries from Chris, and a DVD from Bob

julie juilia

I saw this last year with 3 girl-friends [review here] and have spent an enjoyable morning watching it again, whilst busy sewing.

The DVD has some interesting ‘extras’

Steph phoned to wish me a happy day, and it was lovely to chat to her [of course she knew I was getting the DVD!]

Bob went off to Homebase for some DIY bits, and then came back and cooked a chicken and crayfish chowder for lunch. Oops! sorry! no pictures of that. But it was certainly as good as anything the Covent Garden Soup Company could sell you.



I even remembered we had a birthday candle in the cupboard, so lit that at lunchtime.

Now I am going to do some more sewing and watch some more TV. How decadent is that?


Tonight we are over to Adrian and Marion’s [she and I share a birthday] and my niece Lucy is cooking us a celebratory meal.

Bob is busy outside, fencing. No not this…


But this…


…repairing and replacing damaged panels



  1. And very happy he looks too!
    So glad you are having such a nice day, and what a super DVD to have been given.

  2. Happy Birthday, Angela, may it continue to be a lovely day for you. Lucky you, going to the Sandringham Craft Fair yesterday - somewhere I would enjoy enormously, i'm sure! Helen x

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I liked Julie and Julia, too.

  4. Oh Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, rainbow woman! You've just reminded me that my mum lent me this DVD a week ago, and it's still in a bag somewhere! I must go look. I believe the modern story involved blogging?!


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