Tuesday 6 April 2010

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Here’s the mug


And here's the man [in his Good Friday/Gaffer Tape t-shirt]


And here’s the Winner of the Blue Giveaway


And here is her blog – loved this Easter wreath [and her Maundy Thursday post was wonderful!!] Congratulations!!

easter wreath

Woke up to a lovely sunny morning – and an email from ElizabethT in India telling me that her giveaway parcel has arrived safely and she was just off to her school Sports Day.

Thanks everyone who has entered my giveaway during Lent. There will be more later on in the year. watch this space!

Hoping you have a sunny day too…

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  1. wow!!! I won! I just did a happy dance- George thinks I've gone mad (no change there then!)



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