Sunday 4 April 2010

An Early Start To Easter

Off to church at 7.30am for early morning communion - but first I tied up lots of 'Happy Easter Balloons' outside [a pack of 20 from the Elephant'n'Castle Poundshop]


Notice too the banner for tonight's event, which Bob prepared using a homemade stencil and car spray paint. It used to look something like this! We recycle everything round here!


After communion, we went into the Hall for breakfast prepared by Janet. Here she is in the kitchen doorway talking to Steve, our Administrator.


What a spread! choose from tea, coffee, juice, cereals, hot X buns, croissants, toast, marmalade, fresh fruit, porridge, boiled eggs, kippers and sardines!

People arriving for the 10.30 service commented on the balloons [they do look good, considering how cheap they were]

Then we had the morning service - and halfway through the introductory video clip, the Church phone rang. Bob disappeared to the Office, and left me to keep the service going. It was BBC Radio Leicester - doing a live interview with Bob about 'Awakening' tonight.

Hope the free advert brings in some more people!

He returned to the mic as the first hymn ended and explained all to the congregation [he doesn't usually leave services abruptly like tat to answer the phone!!] They are so tolerant.

Then after the service back to the Hall for more coffee. Then off to distribute a flower basket while Steph came home and sorted lunch [thanks Steph, it was lovely]

Now Bob is back at church again preparing for tonight. And I am going to start packing for tomorrow's trip to Cornerstones.


  1. Bob leaves like TAT does he???

  2. Wish I could come to yours tonight- and we don't have an evening service this evening!

  3. Many blessings to you and yours this Easter!

  4. Ang, I hope you have a really peaceful and restful time at Cornerstones.

  5. happy Easter everyone.
    Helen - oops!
    Mags - its a long way from Antrim
    Sparrrow- Even further to PEI
    Elizabethd - thanks for your good wishes too

    How lovely that all round the world we have been celebrating the resurrection together xx

  6. I really like that all around the world we have celebrated His resurrection. For if He didn't rise, what's the point!! Blessings!


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