Sunday 18 April 2010

Centenary Celebrations

I spent Saturday morning with fabric and patterns and sewing machines. I had such fun [yeah, I know I had said I would do the housework on Saturday morning, Bob...but...]

DSCF0052 Our Village School [that's the one in this village, where I live, not the one in the next village, where I teach!] is celebrating its Centenary.

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Children have been asked to attend in Edwardian Costume next week. My two little friends across the road were worried because they hadn't got their costumes sorted out.

So I made two sailor dresses, and trimmed a couple of straw boaters from my 'Hats Box' which I have said they may borrow for the week.


The fabric is from The Great Stash and the ribbon part of the hoard I was given during Lent. It is exactly the right colour for trimming the fabric!


I am not sure why, but Ellie tells me that they must have a handkerchief with them on Thursday. So I found some lace and made them personalised Centenary ones on the embroidery machine.


Their Mum was thrilled with the dresses, and couldn't believe it when I said I hadn't actually had to buy anything - in fact all the stuff I used had been given to me at some time or other.

I am quite pleased that this all worked out so well and so quickly - I pinned and cut out last night before I went to a meeting, and sewed up this morning. The girls came over for a fitting at 11am, and I delivered the completed outfits at 2.30pm!!

I should have loved to post a picture, but they are not my children, so I shan't. But imagine Phil and Bobbie in the Railway Children [published 1905 - just before our school opened]


[I have put this clip in cos it shows the two girls in their Sailor Dresses. If I had used the one with Bobbie at the station - "Daddy, my Daddy!" we shall all be reduced to tears]

The Centenary Celebrations will last all this week at school then there are other events later in the term.


Above is the old part of school, and below, the new block


It is a really good school, and we are fortunate to have such  committed staff, supportive parents and [mostly!] enthusiastic pupils.


  1. Ah you can tell a good caring teacher working beyond the call of duty out of hours for another school and its chidlren benefit. The Education service needs more like you!

  2. You certainly are multi-skilled and so creative! Those outfits are lovely! The hankies are just delightful! I remember handkerchiefs crocheted around the edges - for show only!

  3. How wonderful and there is always another time for the housework

  4. What a lovely generous gesture Ang. I'm sure they were thrilled to look just like the Railway children, one of my favourite films, by the way.

  5. Those are some blessed little girls! The outfits you made are adorable. :)

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments!!

  7. Just found your blog for the first time and it's lovely. I too am a Christian and belong to a local baptist church, I love crafts too and homemaking (most of the time!!!)I will be peeping back through your blog now!

  8. Lovely post. I could have done with you around Angela when my daughters needed ballet costumes made 25+ years ago.

  9. I'm just catching up on your posts after a couple of weeks of not being able to read the blog. I wonder if the celebrations will still be happening in June when I am home?


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