Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Year Of The Rabbit!

Chinese New Year celebrations start today

I have put up a display in the entrance area at school


I hung some lanterns


And displayed lots of red and gold items – the traditional colours of good luck in China. Plus a free calendar from the local takeaway!


I also found lots of toy animals representing the different years


Which year are you? Is the analysis of your character accurate?


I don’t think mine is particularly correct!!image

Fortunately I don’t set much store by this sort of thing!

But anyway…

Gong Xi Fa Cai

which means

Happy New Year


  1. Good at talking and writing, for me. Spooky..! But I don't set too much by it either, so there you go! Lovely display - we are going to have an easy Chinese meal (pr-ebought from our supermarket I'm afraid) to make up for the hours I spent over the Chandeleur galttes and crèpes yesterday! Too many good things all at once!

  2. It all looks very bright and interesting.

  3. I'm a dragon, which is to say healthy and full of energy. Well, I am generally healthy, and often full of energy, but I do like to sneak in a nap now and again. Do dragons nap?

    Fun! And your display is lovely!


  4. According to the chart, I am a tiger married to a pig....surprising that mix would work (says hungry tiger)!
    Jane x

  5. Apparently I'm a rabbit - who knew! This says I'm lucky - I guess that's up for interpretation!

  6. I am fascinated to hear what animals you are - esp Jane and Chris!!


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