Monday, 6 April 2015

An Easter Sunday Good Samaritan

We had the most fabulous Easter Weekend – services went really well, folk worked incredibly hard at UCF [and KMFC, we hear] and then, late Sunday evening we set off for Norfolk, with Bob driving my little Aygo. Life is never dull for the Almonds- somewhere up the A11, there was a beep. “Is that the SatNav battery needing to be charged?” he asked “No, it is the petrol warning signal” Nearing midnight, on an Easter Bank Holiday, many of the petrol stations were shut. We drove on in the darkness, hoping we would find fuel soon. Somewhere near Wymondham, we…came…to…a…stop.


This lovely guy, David Lee, with wife Tanya, stopped to see what was up. Leaving Bob with the car, they took me to a nearby petrol station, where we got a petrol can full of fuel, then they took me back to the car. They were so kind and helpful. Bob and I were safely with Liz and Jon at Cornerstones by five past midnight. I am so grateful to Dave & Tanya for their kindness.

No – I didn’t make Dave pose for a blog photo – this pic is from his website. He’s a magician, and had been working on Sunday [so he was probably ready to go home – but he stopped to rescue us]. I have no idea what his act is like – but he’s definitely an all round nice guy, so I felt the best way of saying thank you was to plug his website here. God bless you both, for your kindness to us!


  1. What a very kind man. So many people would just have driven by.

  2. What a wonderful story! A memorable end to Easter Sunday.

  3. Oh what a sweet guy! And what a nightmare journey. Hope you had a little nap this afternoon to make up for it x

  4. Aww, what a lovely guy. You two definitely have the Boss on speed-dial when you need assistance!

  5. How kind!
    I think he looks a bit like Bob.
    Jane x

  6. Oh how kind! Many people would fear to stop worrying of psychos and Dodgy types.x

  7. Thank you for your kind words and mention, we are touched by them and glad that we could help you.
    Take care Tanya and Dave xx

  8. Bless him! Amazing that he stopped, a lot of people are afraid to these days.


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