Friday, 10 April 2015


Cards and flowers – a sprig of rosemary blossom from my breakfast-in-bed tray [which even had a heart shaped butter pat!] a bouquet from Alwyn next door, and a cool posy of Fairtrade Felt Flowers posted to me by Elisabeth in Leicester.


Bunting strung across the window [this is just a card string discarded by somebody else after their party - but it is still great fun, even if it is not pukka sewn fabric triangles]


And a pompom twirling under the light. This isn’t really ‘birthday’ decoration, it is a wedding prototype – but it adds to the joy.


Add to that good wishes from many friends [thankyou] I feel truly blessed this morning. And one other very wonderful piece of news – TPA have started paying my pension! We awoke to find the bank account looking healthier than it has done for years!

Thus far it has been calculated without the missing bit, but a very helpful lady at Leics City Council is sorting that out for me, following some long phone calls this week. Answered prayers all round.

If I am now a rich old lady, does that make Bob my toyboy? My man is currently in the kitchen, preparing the meal for tonight – which will include smoked turkey. It is my sis-in-law Marion’s birthday too, so there will be two of us celebrating!


  1. A Happy Birthday to you, hope you have had a lovely day so far?

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Hahahahahaha...they don't know you!
    Jane x

    1. No - not retired - but able to claim my teacher's pension [which will mean I can afford to work fewer hours]

  3. Happy Birthday, Angela.

    Enjoy your pension and the rest of your day.

  4. Happy birthday!
    60 is not so bad, better than 40 - you can't get away with thinking you're thirty something any more so just enjoy it!
    Old enough for people to "make allowances" because of your age, but young enough to still have plenty of spring in your step. It's the perfect age!

  5. So glad the pension has been paid & the final adjustments are being made, what a relief for you! Enjoy the rest of your birthday, Vee x

  6. Aw Happy Special Birthday. Now you can get your Senior Railcard, 25% discount at Specsavers, go to B&Q on Wednesdays to get your Senior Citizen's discount and apply to Boots to get 10 points for every £1 you spend on your Advantage Card. We also get the bus pass up here but not sure if that applies to the rest of Britain. If I can think of anything else, I'll let you know! xxx

    1. Can't get my bus pass till I am 66! But I have collected my Homebase Double Nectar Points/Discount Card already today. Didn't know about the Boots Card benefits - thanks for that tip xx

    2. Discounts at the cinema (Odeon for me), some restaurants (don't worry, the menus don't just include pureed food!) and also 60 and over discounts on spectacles at Boots.

  7. Oh that is lovely!!! Happy birthday dear Ang!!! X

  8. And so now you are a pensioner...


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