Monday, 6 April 2015


Fifty years on, we sat and watched the new Thunderbirds on Saturday evening – and quite enjoyed it. Both of us watched the original [I had a Lady Penelope hairband – and my brother had a Thunderbirds cap]
All things considered, I think it is a very reasonable remake, although I know Gerry Anderson’s son has expressed his unhappiness with it.
The costumes have been clearly appropriately updated, although Brains still uses the wrong opticians. Scott’s eyebrows are as bushy as ever. Parker remains reassuringly adenoidal. The machines themselves are good reproductions of the originals. And I am so pleased that the palm trees still flop back in the same old way.
Not so sure about the new Lady Penelope – and Granny-in-purple-Lycra-and-Ugg-boots is just bizarre. Did anyone else think that The Hood seemed to be modelled on Vince Cable?
next showing - CITV 5pm Wednesday  & Thursday, then ITV1  8am Saturday


  1. Maybe Brains should have gone to Specsavers?

  2. This has completely past me by! I feel some investigating coming on.
    X x

  3. Not seen it. When did it come out? X

  4. I'd forgotten all about Thunderbirds!

  5. Hi Angela, I'm looking forward to seeing this. And best of all it was done by New Zealanders! Cheers from Carole's chatter


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