Sunday, 26 April 2015

Vocation Sunday

In many denominations, this Sunday is marked as Vocation Sunday – when Christians are asked to reflect on how God has called them to serve Him in their daily lives, and also to pray for those who have committed themselves to full-time work in the life of the Church.

I shall miss worshipping with my friends this morning- it is the London Marathon, and I shall be supporting and encouraging Steph. The Christian life isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon – we are called to run with patience the race set before us. It is good for us to stop occasionally and reflect where we are going, and if we are running in the right direction. Maybe God wants us to be serving Him somewhere else, or in a different way, or in a new role? Wherever, however that may be, we know he is beside us as we run, empowering and encouraging. He has a task for each one of us.

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I’m not important, I can’t speak well

No-one will believe me, I don’t even know Your name.

You can’t possibly mean me!

I’m too young, I wouldn’t know what to say

You can’t possibly mean me!

I’d rather run away. I’ll sit under a tree and sulk

Even if it does get eaten by a worm.

You can’t possibly mean me!

I’m just a home- maker- so was Mary

I’m just a simple worker –so was Andrew

I’ve made a lot of mistakes-so did Peter

I thought I’d got my whole life mapped out-so had Saul.

You can’t possibly mean me! I’m not good enough

I’m not clever enough. I’m not wise enough.

You can trust me, you can put your hope in me

I will not let you be put to shame. I will guide you,

Show you the path to walk, and teach you my ways.

Can you possibly mean me? Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said “Here am I, send me.”

Because I realised that

Just possibly

He might mean


[Rosalind Selby: United Reformed Church’s Vocation Sunday 2007]


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