Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wiv ‘er ‘ead Tucked Underneath ‘er Arm…

Along the draughty corridors,

For miles and miles she goes.

She often catches cold, poor fing,

It's cold there when it blows.

And it's awfully awkward for the Queen,

To have to blow ‘er nose,

Wiv ‘er ‘ead tucked underneath ‘er arm.

She walks the Bloody Tower…

My grandfather was particularly fond of singing this song, when he was working out in his garden shed. It was the only time he ever used the ‘B’ word. The late lamented Anne Boleyn was executed in the tower of London – but born in Norfolk at Blickling Hall. Gaz visited last week and we went on Saturday [a birthday treat] The Hall is well worth a visit- lots to discover, not just the Tudor connections.

P1010059From its 15th Century builder, John Fastolf [model for Shakespeare’s Falstaff] right up to WW2 and the Hall being taken over for the Officer’s Mess of nearby RAF, there’s plenty of history to learn.

I must also mention the excellent sausage rolls, and the wonderful secondhand bookshop!


The house itself is tremendous. So much to see and enjoy, with the usual cohort of knowledgeable volunteer National Trust guides. I enjoyed the kitchens – utensils, a range, and a mangle which could be touched and handled by the visitors.

P1010062P1010063P1010061 – Upstairs they had the most amazing Victorian bathroom scales – you sit on them – rather like a jockey’s weighing station. These were roped off though, no chance to check my weight here!


An abundance of good meals over the last 10 weeks at Ferndown, combined with a week of sampling delightful scones [beginning with tea at church, ending with a cream tea at The Owls of Holt] has meant I have put on rather more weight than I should. I must make an effort to cut back on the calories, or I won’t fit into my MOB outfit purchased at the end of January!

Our holiday in Norfolk has been really good – meals with family and friends, the opportunity to worship at the Chapel at Foulsham, and exploring some of the historic sites in the County – plus moments fixing things and crafting and working together on Cornerstones. And plenty of time to rest and relax and read… all the elements of my ideal holiday. But now it is really good to be back in Dorset!


  1. Back to porridge here too x Mattman is asking lots of questions still about the Wolf Hall televisation. I keep telling him we're all waiting for Mantell's third book! Too much tummy here also. Trying to give up biscuit gorging in the afternoon, and Mattman and I are even going out for the occasional- very short- run...

  2. what a wonderful place that looks like, never really visited anywhere in that neck of the woods.

  3. Blickling is still on my wish-list - I shall get there one day! Thanks for sharing the photos xx

  4. Oooh, it looks rather fine! Yay, Ang shot AND in a super yellow rain coat!x


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