Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Good Life?

Long, long solitary journey back from Cornerstones, down A11/ M11/ M25/ M3/ M27/ A31. Passed two nasty looking accidents and a verge fire. Mercifully nobody seriously injured in any of these incidents. Now back home safely in Dorset, and I have Internet access again. Bob got back half an hour after I did, and the motorbike is safely parked in the garage. Thank the Lord! As I drove I listened to the radio – people kept talking about this phrase…


goodlife briers

So do I follow the chap who gives up the rat race and turns his garden over to vegetables and livestock? Or the one who promises a ‘brighter, more secure future’ [so, DC, where will our young people live, having graduated with massive student debts, once the Housing Associations have sold off all the affordable rentable properties?]goodlife cameron

Personally I am aiming at a different sort of Good Life. As the prophet Micah said

Man, He’s already showed you what is good,

what He requires is that you -

  • act justly,
  • love mercy
  • walk humbly before Him.

That is the sort of manifesto I’ll vote for.


  1. I'd love to know of a party with that manifesto!
    Glad you are safely back.

  2. This scripture truly describes the Good Life!

  3. I love that you post this verse this week. It is the verse we had for Mattman and I'll be writing it inside the cover of his first own real Bible that we'll give him on his birthday on Sunday. Twelve years after he was our gift from God.

  4. They're all trying to outdo each other with their manifestos(manifesti?). This latest one is the craziest I have heard so far. Are they planning on replacing what gets sold off and if so, where on earth (literally) are they going to find the space to build more? My tiny village is already turning into a small town, with the threat of even more building if the planning goes through. It's worrying all round really.


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