Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Un Petit Pension

I never did understand how this phrase can mean either “a little boarding house” or “A small amount on which to live in retirement” logoAs Friday marks a Significant Birthday, I was hoping for the latter from the Teachers Pension Agency. I knew it would not be a lot as I haven’t worked fulltime* since Bob entered the ministry.
But I was hoping for a little pension. My initial communications with them seemed very positive. Then last week it went pear-shaped. I couldn’t log in to check things online because I didn’t know my password. I am still waiting for a new one, even though I answered the security question they sent me.
Then they sent a bizarre letter, clearly written by a computer. I read
and the next line says…
So why send the letter?
And finally, on Easter Saturday, a letter telling me that my employer in 1998, and then the same employer in 2000-2003 has not confirmed my service records ‘despite several attempts’ to obtain this on the part of the TPA. So “retirement benefits due for payment will be calculated without this service.”[and that’s from 10th April] I have all the relevant payslips and P60s – but apparently my former employer has to confirm this with TPA. This is all a little frustrating. Especially this close to the expected date of receipt.
*I did work fulltime for just two terms – in 2000. So I made a lot more pension contributions in that period than at any other time since 1982. And that is the bit the TPA appear to have no record of!!
I am sure it will all get sorted in the end. Some long and complicated phonecalls yesterday seem to be getting somewhere.


  1. It took me forever to get my pensions sorted but retirement is WONDERFUL!

  2. I had a similar problem when I retired. I had to ring them to remind them about some missing years. Watch them lie a hawk!!

  3. Un petit pension would be lovely. In either sense!

  4. I am really cross about all the teachers pensions things, this is just typical. I am hoping it gets sorted for you. X

  5. I hope it clears up, Ang. Mine will be small when I fill out the paperwork just before I turn 60. I didn't teach that long either, but happily the little nest egg will continue. I hope it all settles for you.

  6. Mine seems to be getting smaller by the day and further and further away with this government mining the pension pots.

    Lucky you managing to get your hands on yours now. Enjoy the pleasure it brings,

  7. I have a widow's pension from them in respect of the years of service that the FH did, and I have always found them very helpful when I have had to phone up - the written correspondence can be a bit iffy sometimes, as you have found - but the people themselves on the phones have always been good. Fingers crossed for you that this all gets sorted out soon xx


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