Friday, 17 April 2015

What I Did On My Holidays

Frugal Queen shared her quilt error last week – and asked if we had any epic fails with our sewing. I had a bit of a knitting hiccup whilst we were away at on holiday at Cornerstones. Usual story – I was trying to use up some leftover yarn. I had two balls of red DK. I thought at first they were from the same batch – but in certain lights, one ball was clearly more orangey than the other.


I decided to knit up this pattern from my Debbie Bliss book. Its done on one circular needle- and I figured that if I added a stripe of white at the chest, and around the top edge of the sleeves, it wouldn’t be so obvious.

The lace edge is knitted separately and stitched on at the end. So here’s the jumper, and the edging. As you can see, this does not look at all good- the pretty lace edging is completely wrong for the red and white stripes. This definitely counts as a disaster.


I thought again, and decided to do simple moss stitch bands.



Now it reminds me of one of those American College Boys’ Jackets.

How I loved watching Happy Days back in the 70s. Wirth Ron Howard and henry Winkler as Richie Cunningham and The Fonz. When I thought a bloke with a leather jacket and a motorbike was the epitome of cool… [and I still do!]

My other knitting projects on holiday were more successful. I had a large ball of random yarn and knitted another BSJ [they’re addictive]

bsj2  cobblestone bliss cardi 04 15


There was enough left to do a Cobblestone Vest.  Liz shared this pattern with me- it is a great baby vest, knitted in one piece and buttoning at side and should [so no need to pull it over the baby’s head]

I love the fact that with fewer stitches on the needle, the random yarn knits up into much wider stripes.

But the holiday is over and I am back in Dorset again – knitting has been put away and the sewing machines are out again. I have one more load of bunting to complete!


  1. It would make a sweet Christmas outfit!

  2. Have you seen the CBBC programme with Henry Winkler as the school Music teacher? My boys love it, but have no idea as to who this actor is. I keep meaning to find Fonz on-line!

    1. The Zipzer stuff is great [based on Hf's own school problems, I understand] I did find this Fonz clip - but don't show the boys, they will think life can be sorted out by either clicking your fingers or thumping things!!

  3. They are both successes in my book as they are wearable.


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