Friday, 24 April 2015

Something Old, Something New…

…Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

More Hen Party favours needed [this is to be the sort of hen party which is a memorable evening rather than the sort where the girls wake up next day with absolutely no memory of the night before] Liz emailed me a link and asked “Can you produce anything like this?” – at £5+ each, I can see why they didn’t want to buy them!


But I had vintage paper, and other bits in the stash, so…

Something old- a dictionary from a CS, bought by Steph in 2004 for another craft project for our Silver Wedding

Something new – two sheets of new card from my card-making friend Carol

Something borrowed – 2 craft punches, also from Carol

Something blue- some pretty voile ribbon my friend Elisabeth gave me

Here’s what I did

stage 1

  • for each rosette, cut 4 strips approx 5cm x 20cm, stick them in a row [overlap about 0.5cm] then fold a concertina
  • using a needle and thread stitch through the end of the folds-[about 0.5 cm in] and knot a loop note- you must not make this tight. You should be able to slide the tip of your little finger through, or the fan won’t open!
  • gently open each fan, and glue the end papers together to make a rosette. Hold in place with paperclip whilst it dries.

stage 2

  • using stiffish paper, punch a couple of flowers for each rosette. With tape [I used white gaffer, it’s strong!] stick a safety pin to one circle. With a hot glue gun, stick that to the base circle, and then stick the whole thing to the back of your rosettes.[tip – open all the pins first so you can see which part to tape to the card]
  • Cut your ribbons. Here’s the quick way. Fold a piece of card till it is 6cm wide. Wrap your ribbon once for each rosette[so I did 16] Now cut diagonally across the middle. You ave all your ribbons, with neatly slanted ends. Repeat with your second ribbon [I used blue voile for all, but a selection of colours for the others. I put the voile on top each time]


  • cut some 5cm squares of paper, fold in half. Tuck the two ‘V-shapes’ of ribbon inside, fold over the paper, and staple. Hot glue them to the back of a flower shaped punched in your ‘good’ card. Hot glue that to the centre front of your rosette

stage 4

  • Print labels saying bride, bridesmaid, hen onto a different coloured sheet of card, and punch out with smaller punch. Glue on the front. Embellish as desired!
  • Make a small box [the rosettes are surprisingly strong, and I made these boxes each from 1 sheet of regular printer paper, just folded and glued. This site is helpful]
  • Tuck the rosette inside, and seal with another name label.


My friend suggested that I should have chosen the dictionary pages to suit, so that Steph got the page with ‘bride’ and others had ‘love’ or ‘wedding’ or ‘party’. A nice idea, but I didn’t think of that, I just began at A and worked through.

My apologies to the girls who end up with aardvark, asp, baboon or behemoth on their badge! I will deliver these to Steph tomorrow when I get to London.[thanks to Carol and Elisabeth for your help!]


Btw, the cake is now cooked. Marzipan and icing to follow later…


  1. They look wonderful and thanks for the tutorial. That site for templates looks very interesting

  2. I think you should be writing the definitive guide to all things Wedding. I'm sure it would be published and snapped up by brides to be.

    1. I am beginning to wonder if I should produce a book!

  3. Does your rosette say, "Busy Bee?"

  4. Mags, do you honestly think the Mother Of The Bride should attend her daughter's Hen Party!!??

  5. Bravo! These look super! I've made concertina brooches for a few blog swaps, I them. Yours are very bonny! I'm in London tomorrow too!!!x

    1. Kezzie - I shall be in my red Ethics Girl Tee shirt, and a hat of somes sort. Do shout if you spot me in the crowds!!


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