Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Pastor’s On His Knees-His Wife’s in A Hole!


Bob did a brilliant job today, plumbing in the dishwasher – but yesterday we were able to have a day out as a family, visiting the lovely Oxburgh Hall [another National Trust property] Here’s Liz and myself, lurking in the priest’s hole. OH is a fascinating place, we saw some of Mary Queen of Scots’ embroideries [and her scissors]




The library intrigued us – Jon first spotted the amusing title “Battles with Giant Fish” – but when we moved closer, we realised that on a shelf full of books about fishing and other country pursuits, there was “Hitler Speaks”. Was the Fuhrer fond of fly fishing? Did he have an angle on angling? This volume did seem a little out of place.


P1010033There were secondhand books on sale too. We liked this title [but decided against purchase] In case you are wondering, these men were Old Testament characters. Every chapter retold a Bible Story then had related puzzles and crafts. For an old book, it was remarkably modern in content.

After touring the house, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grass, then came home.

We rounded off our Bank Holiday by going over to Adrian and Marion for a meal. All in all, a good day!


  1. Just catching up on all your adventures- I've missed a lot! I must read up on Mary. Came away from Wolf Hall feeling decidedly unerudite. We've been putting our NT to very good use too this week xx

  2. Do you have a copy of "Fly Fishing" by A. Hitler? It is rather old…

  3. That title was worrying but I'm glad it was all to the good.

  4. Sounds like a lovely day out exploring. You usually can't go wrong with a nice national trust place, they are a bit like chain pubs everything's the same and "safe" but in a different surrounding lol

  5. So glad you have a dishwasher. You can come out of the hole now.

  6. Ah, I've ALWAYS wanted to climb into a priest hole (or secret passage...) x

  7. We love Oxburgh too, but I have never managed to bring myself to get down in to the priest's hole as I don't do well in confinement - well done you for getting down there! Maybe I will try again another time....glad you had a good day there xx


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