Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cruising Along

P1010109Dear Mr Cunard, it is very kind of you to invite me to Southampton to see one of your liners [£50 for half a day- that includes lunch. You do have to take your passport – but the boat doesn’t sail anywhere]



…but honestly, I am not inclined to take up your expensive offer. I am happier pedalling along on my bicycle, with its new red panniers. Only £9.99 a pair from Lidl*, and they help me to feel much more balanced when I collect my library books.


My ride yesterday took me all round the town – library, chemists, Parcel Office, and then finally I called in at UCF. The building work is coming along beautifully- last week they poured the concrete** into the trenches and now the bricklaying is well underway. Look at the glorious blue skies. God has been so good to us with the weather!

bricklaying 15 4 15

* four different designs- I chose the ones with carry handles and a shoulder strap. They clip on and off my rack easily – and have nifty little nylon rainproof covers hidden in a neat zip pocket, as well as a useful small zip pocket on the side.**thanks Josh for concrete photo1


  1. Reminds my of the lady on a cruise who asked one of the staff if she could borrow 20p for the lavatories. She was told "madam, this is Cunard Line, not P&O".

  2. Would that be spelt "Pee, and Owe" Gaz?

  3. It's a good place to live if you can do all that by bike!

  4. Oh I saw those in the Lidl Surprises guide and meant to get some! x


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