Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Natural [S]election?

Whilst in Norfolk just after Easter, we seemed to see dozens of posters extolling the merits of various candidates. My little corner of Dorset seems mercifully free of these displays of affection. I walked to the nearest pillar box recently [yes, I still send real letters, with stamps – old fashioned, but fun] and did not see one single poster. But lots of lovely gardens. I wondered if the people had planted flowers of specific colours to indicate their party political allegiances.

neighbouring flowers 04 15

I took these floral photos on the way back from the pillarbox [displayed in no particular order!] 

blue- Conservative, green – Plaid Cymru, orange – Lib Dem, red – Labour, pale yellow – SNP, bluey green – Green, purple/yellow –UKIP

The flowers in the Manse garden were planted before we got here. If colours are indicative, then either we are Independents, or belong to the Monster Raving Looney Party!!


  1. My garden is mostly blue and yellow - maybe I need to re-think my planting scheme!!

  2. But I am sure you also have an election poster or two on display at your place, so that nobody can be in any doubt!!

  3. Posters are all over the place here, mostly Tory ones, as it's a stronghold here :|

  4. Oh I think we all know which of those two would be your best fit!

  5. Ha! It's red, white, and blue for everyone here no matter what the differences of opinion are. Come November, a different story!


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