Monday, 20 April 2015

My Summer Project?

After waiting twenty years for me to knit him a jumper [here] , I am beginning to wonder if I should perhaps crochet something for Bob instead? Catherine taught me the skills when I went to Belfast a few years back and I haven’t really done much with my hooks yet. I just found these on the internet.

men shorts

The stripes would mean I could use up all the random balls of yarn in my stash. [But naturally I would insist he wore a tee-shirt, to cover his manly chest] What do you think?!


  1. Oh my goodness, how funny. The website you found these on must have been very odd!

  2. I think the pink shorts would be just the job!!! I am struggling to pick up crocheting.

  3. Think he would look great in the cut offs, such lovely summer colours! Maybe you could find a pattern for a matching shirt?

  4. I think they are attempting to be Poldark. Wonder if he would like a pair of crocheted shorts?

    1. Is it warm enough in Cornwall for garments like this? Can Demelza crochet, do you think?

  5. It is certainly not warm enough in Devon for those shorts. I am not sure if it will ever be warm enough in Devon for those shorts :-)

  6. Ha! That's funny! I'm still so impressed with the jumper you made for Bob. You whipped it up in no time!

  7. Ahem..on your own head be it!
    Jane x

  8. NO NO NO these pants are a no go. Sorry Angela.

  9. Love the pink shorts.
    But they might go all baggy if he gets caught in a shower - not a good look!
    I hear that crocheted ties are coming back in!

  10. I think I shall stick to knitting jumpers and sewing bunting then...


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