Monday, 20 April 2015

Giving And Receiving

There seems to have been a lot of that round here in recent weeks – here are just some pictures- in no particular order


Top row

A lovely handmade quilled birthday card [from a dear blogfriend. Perhaps I should spell that Kwilled]

The French Market Bag I gave my SIL Marion, after she saw mine and said “Can you make ME one, please?”

The personalised ‘flat-pack’ Easter egg I gave Bob [Fairtrade chocolate, naturally]

The little red jacket I am passing on to a friend who has just found out her new baby will be a boy.

Middle row

National Trust 3-fruit marmalade, from two kind friends. Having given up my breakfast grapefruit since going onto statins, this lovely preserve is a real treat which I CAN eat

The colourful woven Peruvian shoulder bag is a birthday gift from BIL & SIL in Warwickshire.

A mysterious box- containing green cake colouring [along with a Lakeland voucher] from best friend Christine, after I said I’d be making a green wedding cake!

This superb teepee print is a close-up of my birthday pjs from Liz & Jon

Bottom row

FairTrade Felt Flowers from good friend Elisabeth back in Leicester [how I miss our regular tea-and-cake dates!]

A silver button, from BIL & SIL in Surrey. It came as a key ring – but I have swapped the ring for a silver chain to make a pendant. Isn’t it cool?

Haberdashery sweatshirt and teeshirt, birthday gifts from Steph & Mark – two more items recognising my love of needlework.

I was really spoiled this year on my birthday – so many cards and gifts.  Thank you one and all. So often you hear people say “The best gift to give is one you would like to receive yourself”. I am not sure I agree with that – I am inclined to say “The best gift is the one which shows you have thought about what the recipient would like to receive”. Things which are Hand made, Fairtrade, Edible or Haberdashery-related all make me very happy – and I am grateful for friends and family who know me so well. Their love is far more important than any gift.


  1. You have been very busy, and very spoiled and you were up very early writing this post!

  2. what a delightful assortment of things, picking a favourite would be hard.

  3. These are all lovely!!!! So glad you were spoiled!
    Ah,I see the gems all fell off the card- sorry about that!!!!!!!x

  4. Well, you deserve them! xxx
    Belated birthday wishes too.


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