Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Dragons Are Coming…

A couple of summers ago, I posted about the Go-Go Gorilla Trail in Norwich, and then last autumn, about the Norwich Dragon Festival. Well it appears that this summer there will be a GoGo Dragons Trail. Norwich has a strong affinity with dragons.

dragon hall

BREAK, a registered charity which has been providing a diverse range of specialist residential and community based services for vulnerable children young people and families across East Anglia for over 40 years is organising this fund-raising art event. Companies and schools can sponsor a dragon [large or small] and decorate it for the trail, which is happening between June and September. As you can see from the BBC photo, they are slightly larger than the gorillas.


On Thursday, I was in the basement of John Lewis, mooching around the haberdashery section, when I came across a mother and baby dragon in the throes of being decorated. The staff member I spoke to said that JL had given the team a budget for decorating, but that many people had brought in bits and pieces from home. She was busily making a lovely beaded headpiece for the Mother Dragon. If they are all embellished with as much care and attention as these two, the summer display is going to be superb.


I love the way the JL team have included so many crafts- sewing, embroidery, knitting, beading, crochet, buttoncrafts, painting…and so many fabrics, materials and textures. Looking forward to seeing these when I am back at Cornerstones for my summer holiday.


  1. Those dragons look so cute. Looking forward to seeing all your photos of them in situ

  2. This 'Go-Go' has been accused of being a dragon once or twice!! That looks like it will be a great day out. x

  3. How lovely! What a fun idea and they've certainly done a good job.x


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