Saturday, 25 April 2015

It’s Through The Arched Window!

arched window

From 1964 to 1988 thousands of children loved Playschool and wondered which window we would look through today. I am rather pleased my own children were able to sit and enjoy it with me. From the Blessed Brian Cant, to kooky Floella Benjamin, with maths-loving Johnny Ball [that Zoe’s Dad, for you younger ones!] I for one thought it was an excellent production.

johhnyball, carol leeder, derek griffiths


The BBC did try to resurrect the windows thing for Tikkabilla [the Hindi word for Hopscotch] which ran for a mere 5 years from 2002-2007 - but the Arched Window will always belong to Playschool as far as I am concerned. I thought about it this week when I was watching the progress of the building work at church.



On Sunday we were able to walk across the new concrete on boards, and go in through the front door – but they have already started demolishing the roof of the vestibule. By Wednesday this had progressed even further – look how blue that sky is!


And just look what’s happened to the UCF arched window.


playschool toysWhat would Big and Little Ted, Jemima, Hamble and Humpty have to say about all this activity?


  1. I was on Playschool in around 1983! A film crew came to my school, half the year group made corn dollies, the other half printed t-shirts. Only the t-shirt printing featured and I was one of the people doing it.

  2. I do hope the arched window still has a place in the new extension? I loved Playschool too and remember watching it when I was AT playschool when we sat down to drink our milk!

  3. That brought back some memories!

  4. I've always loathed dolls, especially ones like Hamble (what sort of name is that?), so if she does have anything to say, I'm running! Do you remember Romper Room? ... Romper stomper something boo,tell me, tell me tell me who, in my magic mirror today, have all our friends had fun at play....or something like that (((shudder)))

    1. Romper Room was filmed in Norwich, so we watched it on Anglia TV - I am not sure it was shown elsewhere in the country. The woman on that was quite creepy!!


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