Tuesday 15 December 2015

All Good Gifts Around Us...

I know, that's a harvest one, and this is Christmas, but I'm feeling blessed with good gifts already. Last week I went with Bob to Waitrose at Wimborne, where they gave us a generous gift card to help finance the Free Christmas Day Lunch, which will be happening at UCF. They were helping half a dozen groups doing lunches.

Then yesterday I spent the morning going to all the shops in Ferndown town centre, asking if they had any gifts we could give to our guests at the lunch. 

I stressed that just a couple of items would be lovely - stockingfillers of any sort. I had two bagsful to bring home, plus promises of something 'once the District Manager has OK'd it' from a few shops. By midday, I decided I was getting really good at scrounging! The three opticians I visited gave me glasses cleaning kits, the chocolate shop gave me cute gift boxes with chocs in, another gift shop gave me some soaps 'these are more masculine ones for your male visitors' The electrical shop gave me easy-operate mini torches ... and as the morning wore on, I got more and more items.

I hesitated outside the Very Posh Gift Shop. Then confidently went in, smiled and explained what I was doing, and said "I appreciate your goods are all premium quality and their price reflects that - but could you spare some giftwrap, please?" and came away with giftwrap, and party balloons! 

Which all goes to show the truth of "Ask and you will receive" 

So THANKYOU to all those generous people who said how pleased they were that we were doing this for the Community. It was useful having cards with our new logo on, to show where I'd come from!


  1. What a heart warming post! I he the lunch goes really well - it sounds as though Santa's little helper is making sure it will!

  2. That's SO lovely. You must have felt amazing for the rest of the day. Jx

  3. How lovely to hear of such generosity.

  4. I've definitely noticed a big turn away from the commercial gimmicky stuff this year. Lots of people are embracing the true meaning of Christmas instead. It's really nice to see.

  5. That is lovely hearing that they all wanted to give and help.Xx

  6. How lovely that people are so generous and willing to support local events. Well done you for all your hard work - I'd find that really difficult to do!

  7. Thanks for letting me know. It is so hard at this time of year. I shall be praying. x


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