Monday, 28 December 2015

Icing For Joy - Again!

Some years ago [2008, just pre-mortgage!] , I purchased a set of resin Nativity Figures from Lakeland. I said at the time  "These are quite expensive, we will have to use them every year from now on" and true to my word, I have dusted them off and stuck them in my Christmas cakes - which have been round, square, and even semicircular with an arched stable.

Eagle eyes will spot that in some years, not all the cast make it to the icing - and the first picture is an 'after' party, where the characters, plus two snowmen with a hangover, were left standing on a plate of fake snow. Another year, poor Joseph got separated from the others as the cake got eaten

This year, I have put four of the characters on the cake - with two of the Magi climbing steps up to the top. Also added details specifically to mark what has happened in the family this year- some blue stars [leftover icing from Bob's 60th birthday cake] and a fir tree [from Steph and Mark's wedding cake] And I have returned to the tradition which I always did when the girls lived at home - a candle is there too. Well it is Jesus' birthday!

Do you decorate your cake differently each year? Do you have family traditions? When are people allowed to cut into the cake? 


  1. That is beautiful!!! Your aftershow is hilarious!!! I think my family generally cut theirs from Christmas day onwards!

  2. Lovely cakes. In my country of birth, the traditional Christmas cake is a dark, very moist fruit cake, which is baked in a large rectangle pan, iced with marzipan only, and then, cut into small pieces (about 1 inch by 3 inch). Each piece is individually wrapped, first in wax paper, then in a strip of colorful, printed foil and finally, with cellophane paper with the edges cut into frills. The same fruit cake is also known as "rich cake" and is prepared in the same manner to be served at weddings - in which case, the foil used is either silver or gold.


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