Sunday 20 December 2015

Pause In Advent #4

How are we already at the last Sunday in Advent- it has gone so fast this year. Last week we had such a brilliant All Age Service, and the children and young people did some great dramas. One involved a number of angels [many with clipboards] preparing for their next mission [visiting shepherds just outside Bethlehem]

I got a great photo of the twins, two students, just back from Uni, as they stood outside the door, waiting to come on and play their angelic roles. The shopping bag was full of divine sandwiches!

Last week, when I went to Waitrose with Bob to collect their gift, we were taken out through the rear of the store and upstairs to the Staff Restaurant for the presentation. On our way out afterwards, I noticed that on the back of the doors going into the store, there were 'motivational signs' to encourage the staff as they went out to serve the customers. Like this...

For those of us who are Christians, perhaps we should put these signs on the inside of our church doors, so that each Sunday as we go back into the community, we should ask ourselves if we are willing to go the extra mile, and are ready to make a difference for Jesus.


  1. I once worked in the offices at Debenham and they too had signs along those lines as one left the staff opnly areas to go into the store. Your idea of having something similar at church sounds good!

  2. They are nice signs. Simple and to the point!x

  3. I am trying to remember to ask the Lord's big blessing and covering on my coffee times or lunches with people AND for His grace and mercy to cover all of our family gatherings. Purposeful. Waitrose is smart. Happy last Sunday in advent and thank you for hostessing us! (BIG HUG!) BTW I keep forgetting to get international stamps so my Christmas card to you will come after the day, but with all the same love.

    1. Hi PP - do you have Waitrose/John Lewis in the States? Thanks for all your lovely Advent Posts too xx


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