Wednesday 2 December 2015

Scrappy Stockings

I was given a load of little bottles of shower gel and body lotion, with the hope I could make something for the Christmas Fayre. Having done my diamond decorations, I had lots of scraps of Christmas fabric left. So I used a combination of two techniques- Victorian Crazy Patchwork and machined nine little stockings. Speed was of the essence, so I didn’t do all the embellishments – and they are only patched on the fronts, the backs are plain felt – but I am happy with the result. Even the ribbons I used to bind the edges were scraps and short lengths. The IKEA display trees continue to prove useful!


It has been an up-and-down week thus far;

Up – I have managed to prepare lots of stuff for Saturday’s Fayre

Down – the house is a tip, bits of thread and wool everywhere

Up – I won 2 free tickets to Motorcycle Live at the NEC

Down – We were very tired & decided it would cost too much to go

Up – we were able to pass the tickets on to somebody else

Down – I had yet another rejection to one of my job applications

Up – a friend contacted me about a child needing Maths Tuition

Down – I smashed a pretty glass dish

Up – Bob had a tax refund

But I think the ‘ups’ are winning!


  1. Love the little stockings and life is always ups and downs and sometimes the downs seem to be winning and sometimes the ups. Let's just hope the ups are on a winning streak at the moment!

  2. Hope the 'Ups' continue upward!
    I'm sure that private tuition is much in demand these days. There are agencies specialising in just that, I think.

  3. They are adorable and what a great way to use up scraps. Have a great day, Angela, and I hope the "ups" continue to win!

  4. I really like the little stockings. Don't stress over the house to much, the big spring clean is coming around the corner and you can catch up then lol

  5. At least there were more ups than downs! xx

  6. Sorry about the 'downs' but the ups are definitely winning! xx

  7. Oh goodness I can't believe I bothered you with a question. Keep running that race! You will win xx

    1. Question? what question? did I answer it?

  8. Emma still has one of your little stockings from some years ago! Hope the ups are on the increase. xx


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